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Elk River Brigade

The Pompeys Pillar Elk River Brigade is a group of volunteers who teach the history of the Corps of Discovery Expedition through living history interpretation. The Elk River Brigade’s main mission is to promote Pompeys Pillar as a historical Monument in the Yellowstone Valley.

What we do:

  • Historic black powder weapons demonstrationsElk River Brigade #2 (1)
  • As William Clark and his men passed by Pompeys Pillar, they were dressed in buckskin which they made throughout their expedition. In keeping with this part of history, the Elk River Brigade wears period clothing
  • Participates in drills and ceremonies according to Baron von Stuben’s Regulations for Order and Discipline of the Troops of the United States.
  • Gives demonstration throughout the year for school groups and tourists at Pompeys Pillar National Monument
  • Participates in the annual Clark Days at Pompeys Pillar

Want to get involved? 

No prior experience is needed!

The Elk River Brigade is currently seeking to recruit volunteers to join the Brigade. For more information, please call the Friends of Pompeys Pillar at 406-969-5380 or email at