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Teacher Tote Program


The Friends of Pompeys Pillar Teacher Tote Education Program came to being in 2015. Through the hard work of Americorp Vista volunteers this program was developed to encourage low income elementary children to get outside and learn about the wonderful history, natural resources, and cultural heritage that Montana has to offer. Teacher Totes are tote bags that are filled with lesson plans, fun activities, extra reading materials and props. These lesson plans were developed by a Vista volunteer and Billings school district elementary teacher. All lesson plans satisfy Billings school district, common core, and Indian Education for All standards. As you explore our website you will find information on the Corps of Discovery, Montana’s natural resources, links to educational videos done by Friends of Pompeys Pillar volunteers, description of each Teacher Tote, and Every Kid in a Park. If you would like to schedule a class visit to Pompeys Pillar National Monument please call us at 406-969-5380. We schedule class visits all year.

We offer two ways to utilize a Tote Bag: Ask a Pompeys Pillar volunteer to visit your classroom or check out a Tote Bag for yourself to use in your own classroom.

If you would like to check out a Teacher Tote please fill out the form and we will get back to you.

This is for teachers and kids. If you have any suggestions on how to better this program or website please email pompeyspillarVISTA@gmail.com

****This website is a work in progress. We will be continually updating our Teacher Tote pages and we value your feedback.

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We have 6 different lesson plans/Tote Bags for your use!

Each Tote Bag comes with a lesson plan complete with vocabulary words, student self assessment, activities, props to go with the activities, and more detailed information about each lesson.

1. In their Shoes

Content Area: Social Studies/Language Art

Objectives: The student will…

  • Construct a packing list for Lewis and Clark
  • Identify differences between modern day and past conveniences
  • Recognize the hardships of the journey of Lewis and Clark through the process of comparing and contrasting

2. The Crossing

Content Area: Language Arts/History/Social Studies

Objectives: The student will…

  • Generate a visualization of the Lewis and Clark Expedition through the medium of read aloud
  • Relate the connection between word choice and visualization
  • Develop background information on the Lewis and Clark expedition

3. Readers TThe Crossingheater: The Lewis and Clark Expedition

Content Area: Language Arts/Social Studies

Objectives: The student will…

  • Increase their knowledge about the Lewis and Clark expedition through the medium of readers theater
  • Engage in an activity that will develop fluency

4. Begin the Adventure: Part 1

Content Area: Science

Objective: The student will…

  • Make sense of exploration by becoming explores themselves
  • Compare and contrast two different habitats; distinguishing characteristics of
  • Identify, record, and give examples of different species of birds, animals, and plants

5. Pompeys Pillar Food Web: Part 2

Content Area: ScienceFood Web

Objective: The student will…

  • Break down a concept or idea into parts and show the relationship among the parts
  • Interpret and summarize the ideas in own words
  • Apply and abstract idea in a concrete situation to solve a problem or relate it to a prior experience

6. Pompeys Pillar Field Trip: Observe, Classify, Record: Part 3

Content Area: Science

Objective: The student will…

  • Observe, classify, and record the components of the ecosystem at Pompeys Pillar
  • Discuss the differences between both the ecosystem at school and the ecosystem at Pompeys Pillar
  • Consider ways in which the presence of wildlife can be seen as an indicator of environmental quality

Teacher Tote Check-Out

Calling all 4th Graders!

The Every Kid in a Park program is a federal program with the goal of getting 4th graders (YOU) outside and learning about our nations public lands. By participating in the Every Kid in a Park program, each of you will receive a free entrance pass to all National Parks in the United States for one year.

What does this mean?

  • You will receive a free entrance pass to all National Parks
  • This pass works in all federal lands including National Monument, Bureau of Land Management lands, National Historic Landmarks
  • This pass is good for you and your family or the equivalent of 1 car full of people
  • Pass is good from 1 year September to September only. You have to be in 4th grade or about to go into 4th grade

How do I get the pass?

Get out and enjoy your public lands! If you live in or around Billings, Pompeys Pillar National Monument is your closest federal land! Come out and enjoy a day learning about Lewis and Clark! Hope to see you there!



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