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About Us

Mission Statement

To preserve and protect Pompeys Pillar National Monument through special projects, education, interpretation, and to support the BLM in its management of the site.

The Friends of Pompeys Pillar, or Pompeys Pillar Historical Association, recognizes that protecting Pompeys Pillar is the responsibility of all Americans because it belongs to all Americans.

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Interpretive Center opened in 2006

When the Don and Stella Foote family found it could no longer afford the liability associated with making the Rock accessible to the public, a dedicated group of volunteers formed the Pompeys Pillar Preservation Committee; their goal was to ensure that the Pillar would become public land.  After changing their name, the Pompeys Pillar Historical Association achieved its initial goal in 1991, when the Bureau of Land Management assumed ownership of the property.  Shortly thereafter, the Association began work on its second goal: National Monument status for Pompeys Pillar, which was designated a National Landmark in 1965.  After years of working with the U.S. Department of the Interior and through the support of the Montana Congressional Delegation, President Clinton rewarded the Association’s efforts by designating the Pillar a National Monument in January 2001.

In 2006, The Pompeys Pillar Historical Association, working in partnership with the BLM and other private and public entities raised the funding to build an Interpretive Center.  The Interpretive Center opening coincided with the Bi-Centennial of the Lewis and Clark Expedition.  2006 was chosen as the Bi-Centennial date at Pompeys Pillar to commemorate the visit of Captain William Clark’s visit to Pompeys Pillar on July 25, 1806.

In July 2006 Yellowstone County and Pompeys Pillar National Monument hosted the multiday Bicentennial Signature Event Clark on the Yellowstone.

In 2013, the Pompeys Pillar Historical Association became the Friends of Pompeys Pillar.  The name was changed to better reflect the role that the organization plays in supporting the national monument.

The main roles that the organization plays, in partnership with the BLM, are recruiting and coordinating volunteers, raising funding for projects, and providing educational and promotional support for Pompeys Pillar National Monument.  In addition, the Friends assists and cooperates with the BLM in the development, planning, construction, and maintenance of the site.

Board of Directors

Christian Coppedge, President

Jeff Sherman, Vice President

Beau Mulvaney, Secretary-Treasurer

Emily Arendt, Board Member

Samuel Huffard, Board Member

Joyce Jensen, Board Member

Mike Lamphier, Board Member

Bob Smeltzer, Board Member


Jacob Shropshire, Executive Director

Linda Farnes, Gift Store Manager

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