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National Conservation Lands

Pompeys Pillar National Monument is part of a vast and wonderful system known as the National Conservation Lands.  These lands are owned and operated by the Bureau of Land Management and cover 32 million acres of the You are countries most ecologically rich and culturally significant lands.

Photo from the BLM Archive

“The National Conservation Lands ensure our clean air and water, while protecting critical habitat for our wildlife.  Most National Conservation Lands areas are open to hunting and fishing, and offer some of America’s best places for sportsmen to carry on their outdoor traditions.

This collection of protected public lands also protects and preserves America’s sacred sites and cultural history.  From ancient Puebloan cultures of 1,000 years ago to Spanish, Mexican, Native American, and American settler histories from recent centuries, the National Conservation Lands represent a complete tour of the history of the American West.  Our American military history is also preserved in places like California’s Fort Ord National Monument.

The lands, rivers and trails within the National Conservation Lands have been designated for protection, but they are also incredibly vulnerable.  They are subject to looting, vandalism, and neglect from under funding.  Working together we can reduce these threats with on-the-ground work, partnerships and advocacy.”

We invite you to learn more about at National Conservation Lands.